About Dr. MJ Johnson

Born the youngest son to the Late Bishop C.V. Johnson and the Late Mother Velma Johnson, Senior Pastor, Dr. M.J. Johnson was born in Jackson, MS where he met his wife, Lady Juanita Johnson. They married in 1997 on June 28th. They have 3 beautiful children together (Genesis, Jonathan, & Abigail). Dr. Johnson accepted his call to the ministry in 1998, while serving as a deacon. He began to Co-Pastor Grace & Mercy Ministries Church in 2005. He was appointed, installed and affirmed as Senior Pastor of Abounding Grace World Healing Church in 2006. Senior Pastor Johnson is a graduate of Callaway High School, Evangelical Training Association, and Hinds Community College. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, a Master of Divinity and a Doctoral Degree in Christian Counseling from New Foundation Theological Seminary. He is a 4th Unit CPSP Clinical Pastoral Education Graduate as well as a graduate of the College of Behavioral Sciences Life Coaching Certification Program from Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary. Although he travels locally and internationally ministering the Gospel, he believes that it’s not just what we do in the pulpit that makes us effective as ministers. The work that we do for God when there is no audience to applaud gains the attention of heaven. Senior Pastor Johnson’s motto is, “It’s not important that we seek the praises of men, but that we seek the approval of God.”